What is connective?

  • (adj): Connecting or tending to connect.
    Example: "Connective remarks between chapters"; "connective tissue in animals"; "conjunctive tissue in plants"
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Mucoid Connective Tissue
... Mucous connective tissue (or mucous tissue) is a type of connective tissue found during fetal development ... Mucous connective tissue forms the umbilical cord ... It is sometimes considered equivalent to mesenchymal connective tissue ...
Connective Tissue Proper
... Connective tissue proper is a subset of connective tissue. ...
Connective Tissue Neoplasm
... A connective tissue neoplasm
... Connective may be referring to Bainsconnective Logical connective Connective tissue Discourse connective, in linguistics, a word or phrase like "therefore" or "in other words" ...

More definitions of "connective":

  • (noun): An uninflected function word that serves to conjoin words or phrases or clauses or sentences.
    Synonyms: conjunction, conjunctive