Connective may be referring to:

  • Bains::connective
  • Logical connective
  • Connective tissue
  • Discourse connective, in linguistics, a word or phrase like "therefore" or "in other words".

Other articles related to "connective, connectives":

Connective Tissue Proper
... Connective tissue proper is a subset of connective tissue. ...
Logical Connectives - Properties
... Some logical connectives possess properties which may be expressed in the theorems containing the connective ... Some of those properties that a logical connective may have are Associativity Within an expression containing two or more of the same associative connectives in a ... Commutativity The operands of the connective may be swapped preserving logical equivalence to the original expression ...
Connective Tissue Neoplasm
... A connective tissue neoplasm
Mucoid Connective Tissue
... Mucous connective tissue (or mucous tissue) is a type of connective tissue found during fetal development ... Mucous connective tissue forms the umbilical cord ... It is sometimes considered equivalent to mesenchymal connective tissue ...