What is acronym?

  • (noun): A word formed from the initial letters of a multi-word name.


An acronym is an abbreviation formed from the initial components in a phrase or a word. These components may be individual letters (as in CEO) or parts of words (as in Benelux and Ameslan). There is no universal agreement on the precise definition of various names for such abbreviations (see nomenclature) nor on written usage (see orthographic styling). In English and most other languages, such abbreviations historically had limited use, but they became much more common in the 20th century. Acronyms are a type of word formation process, and they are viewed as a subtype of blending.

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Some articles on acronym:

Sekolah Menengah Sains Muzaffar Syah - MOZAC Acronym
... Sekolah Menengah Sains Muzaffar Syah is renowned for its catchy acronym, MOZAC ... school was promoted to change its given name to Muzzafar College, which serves as the basis for the acronym MOZAC until today ... Even though the school name was not changed, the acronym remains widely used ...
... The acronym BSAT may mean Broadband Solutions and Testing Inc acronym is (BSAT), an Illinois corporation U.S ... Army acronym for "Biological Select Agents and Toxins" (BSAT) Broadcasting Satellite System Corporation (B-SAT), a Japanese corporation Bohol School of ...
HWDP - Popularity - Spread On The Internet
... However, the popularity of this acronym is not limited to it being spraypainted on the walls in Poland ... In fact, the acronym has also spread among the Internet users, both Polish and foreign ... There have been interesting findings regarding this acronym of the Internet ...
Acronym - Extremes
... The longest acronym, according to the 1965 edition of Acronyms, Initialisms and Abbreviations Dictionary, is ADCOMSUBORDCOMPHIBSPAC, a United States Navy term that stands ... The world's longest acronym, according to the Guinness Book of World Records is NIIOMTPLABOPARMBETZHELBETRABSBOMONIMONKONOTDTEKHSTROMONT ... The 56-letter acronym (54 in Cyrillic) is from the Concise Dictionary of Soviet Terminology and means "The laboratory for shuttering, reinforcement, concrete and ...