What are special operations?

Special Operations

Special Operations are military operations that are considered "special" (that is, unconventional).

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Special Operations Forces
... Special operations forces (SOF) is a term primarily used in the West ... The term “special forces” is age old and used by countries around the world to describe their specialized unit(s) ... Examples of special operations include special reconnaissance/military intelligence, unconventional warfare, and counter-terrorism actions ...
Special Operations Capable - See Also
... Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) Special Operations Forces United States Special Operations Command United States Special Operations Forces United States Marine Corps ...
Special Operations Capable (SOC) - Maritime Special Operations
... The Marine Corps does not deploy traditional Special Operations Forces (SOF) ... and are specially equipped and organized to provide selected maritime special purpose capabilities complementary and in support of special operations ... Clandestine Recovery Operations ability to recovery downed aviation pilots or sensitive materials behind enemy lines conduct clandestine extraction of personnel or sensitive items from enemy controlled areas ...
... A SOT-A (Special Operations Team Alpha) is an element of the United States Army Special Forces ... teams conduct signals intelligence–electronic warfare operations in support of United States Army Special Operations Command and Joint Special Operations Command missions ...

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