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Related languages include Norwegian, Swedish, Faroese, Icelandic, and to a lesser extent, all Germanic languages.

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Danes - The Danish Nation in A Political Context
... Most importantly, ethnic Danes in both Denmark proper and the former Danish Duchy of Schleswig ...
... The inhabitants are mixed with Danes and immigrants ... Of 6,566 inhabitants, 42% are native Danes, 37% are immigrants and 21% are Danes with immigrant parents ...
Danish Diaspora
... languages Religion Predominantly Lutheran See Religion in Denmark The terms Danes (Danish danskere) and Danish people refer to the nation and ethnic group ... The first mention of Danes within the Danish territory is on the Jelling Rune Stone which mentions how Harald Bluetooth converted the Danes to Christianity in the 10th century ... from all over the world has entered Denmark since then, Danes tend to see themselves as ethnic descendents of the early Danes mentioned in the sources ...
Timeline Of Icelandic History - 19th Century
... seizes power in Iceland and declares independence, but is deposed by the Danes shortly afterwards. 1855 The Danes grant Icelanders free trade. 1885 Icelanders start demanding a review of the constitution from the Danes ...
Battle Of Basing
... following an invasion of the then kingdom of Wessex by an army of Danes ... The Danes had established a camp at Reading, and the previous battles of Englefield, Reading and Ashdown had proved indecisive, with victories to both sides ... army, led by King Ethelred, was beaten by the Danes ...