Kenneth MacAlpin

Cináed mac Ailpín (Modern Gaelic: Coinneach mac Ailpein), commonly Anglicised as Kenneth MacAlpin and known in most modern regnal lists as Kenneth I (810 - 13 February 858) was king of the Picts and, according to national myth, first king of Scots, earning him the posthumous nickname of An Ferbasach, "The Conqueror". Kenneth's undisputed legacy was to produce a dynasty of rulers who claimed descent from him and was the founder of the dynasty which ruled Scotland for much of the medieval period.

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Drest X Of The Picts
... the Picts from before 845 until 848, a rival of Kenneth MacAlpin (Cináed mac Ailpín) ... The myth of MacAlpin's Treason was attached to a king named Drest, and it may be this king who is intended ... Preceded by Bridei VII King of the Picts before 845–848 Kenneth MacAlpin Pictish and Scottish monarchs Monarchs of the Picts (traditional) Drest I Talorc I Nechtan I Drest II Galan Erilich Drest III Drest ...
Scottish Monarchy - List of Monarchs of Scotland - House of Alpin (848–1034)
... also List of Kings of the Picts The reign of Kenneth MacAlpin begins what is often called the House of Alpin, an entirely modern concept ... The descendants of Kenneth MacAlpin were divided into two branches the crown would alternate between the two, the death of a king from one branch often hastened by war or assassination by a pretender ... name Dynastic Status Reign Title Nickname Kenneth MacAlpin I Cináed mac Ailpín Ciniod m ...
Kenneth MacAlpin - Reign
... Compared with the many questions on his origins, Kenneth's ascent to power and subsequent reign can be dealt with simply ... Kenneth's rise can be placed in the context of the recent end of the previous dynasty, which had dominated Fortriu for two or four generations ... Kenneth's reign is dated from 843, but it was probably not until 848 that he defeated the last of his rivals for power ...
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... was king of the Picts, which he claimed as the son of daughter of Kenneth MacAlpin, and that the report that he was Eochaid's guardian (alumpnus) is a misreading of uncle (auunculus) ... Smyth proposed that Giric was a nephew of Kenneth MacAlpin, the son of his brother Donald MacAlpin (Domnall mac Ailpín), which appears to rest on what is ... that Giric, rather than being a member of Cenél nGabráin dynasty of Kenneth MacAlpin and his kin, was a member of the northern Cenél Loairn-descended dynasty of Moray, and accepts the existence of Giric's ...
Macbeth, King Of Scotland - Origins and Family
... Alba traced its foundation to the supposed destruction of Pictland by Kenneth MacAlpin, and its kings were chosen from the male line descendants of Kenneth, with ... by two branches of the descendants of Kenneth MacAlpin, one descended from Kenneth's son Constantín, Clann Constantín mac Cináeda, and one from Constantín's brother Áed, Clann Áeda ... supposedly the brother of Fergus Mór, whom the descendants of Kenneth claimed as an ancestor ...

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