United States At The 2004 Summer Olympics - Diving


Athlete Events Preliminary Semifinal Final
Points Rank Points Rank Points Rank
Troy Dumais 3 m individual springboard 452.76 5 Q 692.67 6 Q 701.46 6
Caesar Garcia 10 m individual platform 388.77 23 Did not advance
Kyle Prandi 10 m individual platform 346.53 29 Did not advance
Justin Wilcock 3 m individual springboard 225.87 32 Did not advance
Justin Dumais,
Troy Dumais
3 m synchronized springboard N/A 327.06 6
Kyle Prandi,
Mark Ruiz
10 m synchronized platform N/A 325.44 8
Athlete Events Preliminary Semifinal Final
Points Rank Points Rank Points Rank
Sara Hildebrand 10 m individual platform 308.49 14 Q 489.18 11 Q 484.77 10
Rachelle Kunkel 3 m individual springboard 294.75 12 Q 504.51 12 Q 546.72 9
Kimiko Soldati 3 m individual springboard 252.36 21 Did not advance
Laura Wilkinson 10 m individual platform 314.19 13 Q 508.71 10 Q 549.72 5
Cassandra Cardinell,
Sara Hildebrand
Synchronized 10 m platform N/A 302.22 7

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