Tropical Wave

Tropical Wave

Tropical waves, easterly waves, or tropical easterly waves, also known as African easterly waves in the Atlantic region, are a type of atmospheric trough, an elongated area of relatively low air pressure, oriented north to south, which move from east to west across the tropics causing areas of cloudiness and thunderstorms. West-moving waves can also form from the tail end of frontal zones in the subtropics and tropics and may be referred to as easterly waves, but these waves are not properly called tropical waves; they are a form of inverted trough sharing many characteristics with fully tropical waves. All tropical waves form in the easterly flow along the equatorward side of the subtropical ridge or belt of high pressure which lies north and south of the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ). Tropical waves are generally carried westward by the prevailing easterly winds along the tropics and subtropics near the equator. They can lead to the formation of tropical cyclones in the north Atlantic and eastern north Pacific basins. Tropical wave study is aided by Hovmöller diagrams, a graph of meteorological data.

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... A screaming eagle wave is a weak cyclonic turning of low cloud forms ... It can be detected on satellite imagery with such visual appearance below an upper level low ...
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... Tropical Storm Danielle caused considerable flooding in the state of Texas during September 1980 ... The eight tropical cyclone and fourth named storm of the 1980 Atlantic hurricane season, Danielle developed from a tropical wave that emerged into the ... Three days later, the tropical wave developed into a tropical depression ...
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... Tropical storm (SSHS) Duration August 11 – August 14 Peak intensity 40 mph (65 km/h), 1007 mbar (hPa) On August 11, a tropical wave developed into the seventh tropical depression of the ... rapidly westwards, and intensified to just under tropical storm status on August 12 ... and the system had degenerated back into a tropical wave early on August 13 ...
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... Tropical depression (SSHS) Duration June 11 – June 11 Peak intensity 35 mph (55 km/h) 1008 mbar (hPa) A tropical wave moved off the coast of Africa on June 6 ... Tracking westward at a low latitude, a disturbance along the wave axis became better organized on June 9, with reasonable favorable environmental ... on June 10, and the system was declared Tropical Depression Two early on June 11 in the central tropical Atlantic Ocean ...

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