• (adj): Made or having become thick.
    Example: "Thickened bronchial arteries"
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Pachypodium - Genus Characteristics - Adaptive Features - Pachycaul Trunks
... Pachypodium trunks and branches are thickened with water-storing tissue ... Plants must rely on the food and water stored in their thickened trunks during seasonal or intermittent drought when leaves have been shed and no water is available from the substrate ... In addition to the lower surface-to-volume ratio which aides in water retention, the thickened trunks and branches can also possess photosynthetic surface tissue to allow nutrient synthesis even when leaves ...
... thickening agent used purées are vegetable soups thickened with starch bisques are made from puréed shellfish or vegetables thickened with cream cream soups may be thickened with bécha ...
... Desserts are often thickened with sago, tapioca, gelatin or a gelatin substitute such as agar ... Soups, sauces and stews are more often thickened with a starchy ingredient like cornstarch, arrowroot or wheat flour, or a fat and flour mixture such as roux or beurre manié ... More rarely, savory dishes may be thickened with blood ...
Thickened Fluids
... Thickened fluids are often used for people with dysphagia, a disorder of swallowing function ... Patients are often ordered onto thickened liquids after being extubated ... Nectar thickened Approximately as thick as a milkshake ...
Pinacosuchus - History and Description
... simple rectangular scutes ridged rooflike scutes thickened rectangular scutes with asymmetrically-positioned sharp spines overhanging the borders small pointed spines with thickened ...

More definitions of "thickened":

  • (adj): Having skin made tough and thick through wear.
    Synonyms: calloused
  • (adj): Made thick in consistency.
    Example: "Flour-thickened gravy"; "dust-thickened saliva"