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Syquest's product line included such devices as the following: (The 5.25" removable cartridge drives with 44MB, 88MB, and 200MB capacities were mostly used on Macintosh systems via the SCSI interface.)

  • SQ306RD drive/SQ100 cartridge. 5mb using MFM encoding.
  • SQ312RD drive/SQ200 cartridge (SyQuest used the SQ200 model number again for a desktop drive in 1994). 10mb using MFM encoding.
  • SQ319RD drive/SQ300 cartridge. 15mb using RLL encoding (10mb using MFM encoding).
  • SQ325F fixed drive. 25MB using MFM encoding. Specs: 612 cylinders, 4 heads, no WPC, no RWC, fastest step rate.
  • SQ338F fixed drive. 38MB. Supported MFM or RLL encoding. Specs: 615 cylinders, 6 heads, no WPC, no RWC, fastest step rate.
  • SQ2542 drive/cartridge - 42MB 2.5" The Iota series.
  • SQ555 drive/SQ400 cartridge - 44MB 5.25". internal SCSI. Also used in the Atari Megafile 44 (Review in Atari Start Magazine March 1990) and sold as part of the E-mu Systems RM45 - Removable Media Storage System.
  • SQ5110 drive/SQ800 cartridge - 88MB 5.25". internal SCSI. Compatible with SQ400 Cartridge.
  • SQ5200C drive/SQ2000 cartridge - 200MB 5.25" internal SCSI. The external desktop version of the SQ5200C was named SQ200, not to be confused with the earlier model SQ200 44MB cartridges. Compatible with SQ400 and SQ800 Cartridges.
  • SQ3105 drive/SQ310 cartridge - 105MB.
  • SQ3270 drive/SQ327 cartridge - 270MB. Compatible with SQ310 cartridge.
  • EZ135 aka EZDrive 135/EZ135 cartridge - 135MB 3.5" removable cartridge drive. Competitor to Iomega's Zip drive. This was available in SCSI, IDE and parallel port versions.
  • EZFlyer aka EZFlyer 230 drive/EZ230 cartridge - 230MB 3.5" removable cartridge drive. EZ135 compatible. Positioned as an upgrade to the EZ135.
  • SyJet drive/SQ1500 cartridge - 1.5GB removable cartridge drive. Competitor to Iomega's Jaz drive).
  • SparQ drive/SparQ cartridge - 1.0GB 3.5" removable cartridge drive. Lower cost per MB than the SyJet.
  • Quest drive/Quest disc - a 4.7GB removable hard drive. PC Magazine definition. Available for a short time 1998.

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