Syed Iftikar

Syed Iftikar

SyQuest Technology, Inc., later known as SYQT, Inc., was an early entrant into the removable hard disk market for personal computers. The company was started in 1982 by Syed Iftikar who previously worked at Seagate.; it was named partially after the founder because of a company meeting wherein it was decided that "SyQuest" ought to be a shortened name for "Sy's Quest". Its earliest products were 3.9" (100mm) removable hard drives, and 3.9" (100mm) ruggedized hard drives for IBM XT compatibles and military applications. Some of their early fixed drives appear to have been rebranded Seagate drives, especially when one compares the drive lists on this data recovery site with this product table.

For many years SyQuest was the most popular means of transferring large desktop publisher documents to printers. SyQuest marketed their products as able to give personal computer users "endless" hard drive space for data-intensive applications like desktop publishing, Internet information management, pre-press, multimedia, audio, video, digital photography, fast backup, data exchange and archiving, along with confidential data security and easy portability for the road.

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