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Performance Tests

Performance tests take place when the breeding horses are old enough to be ridden, and are designed to give the registry detailed, objective information on the actual performance ability of the horses. It is mandatory for a stallion to prove himself in sport, and mares complete performance requirements to earn awards.

Mare performance tests (German: Stutenleistungspr├╝fung) are often open to geldings, as well. By comparing mother-daughter scores, patterns in the traits that stallions pass on can be calculated. A performance test for mares or geldings is either a one-day "Field Test" or 2- to 5-week "Station Test".

A stallion performance test (German: Hengsteigenleistungspr├╝fung) is either a 30-day "suitability test", or a "station test" lasting 70, 100, or even 300 days. Today, only young stallions owned by the State Stud of Celle attend the 300-Day Test. The suitability test must be combined with a performance record in order to fulfill a stallion's performance requirement.

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