Sentencing Commission

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Mistretta V. United States - Dissent
... Dissenting Justice Scalia believed the sentencing commission to be an unconstitutional delegation of legislative power by Congress to another agency because the guidelines established ... also disputed the assertion by majority that the sentencing commission was in the judicial branch rather than the legislative saying the commission "is not a court, does not exercise judicial ...
Kimbrough V. United States - Majority Opinion
... Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, a drug trafficker dealing in crack cocaine is subject to the same sentence as one who trafficks in 100 times as much powder cocaine ... As the United States Sentencing Commission concluded in a 2002 report, a "major supplier of powder cocaine may receive a shorter sentence than a low-level dealer who buys powder from the ... The Sentencing Commission followed this approach when fixing penalties for powder and crack cocaine, even as it relied on empirical evidence culled from actual sentences imposed ...

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