Segmentation may mean:


  • A process of morphogenesis that divides a metazoan body into a series of semi-repetitive segments
  • Segmentation (biology), a series of semi-repetitive segments


  • Packet segmentation, the process of dividing a data packet into smaller units for transmission over a data communications network.
  • Memory segmentation, the division of computer memory into segments
  • Network segmentation, the splitting of a computer network into subnetworks, each being a network segment or network layer
  • Segmentation (image processing), the partitioning of a digital image into two or more regions
  • In natural language processing:
    • Speech segmentation, the identification of word boundaries in speech
    • Text segmentation, the identification of lexical units in writing systems


  • Segmentation contractions (or movements), a type of gastric motility

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Leech - Anatomy and Physiology
... But unlike other annelids, there is no correspondence between the external segmentation of a leech's body surface with the segmentation of its internal organs ... The leech also has 32 brains because a brain segment is located in each segmentation of the body ...
Segmentation-based Object Categorization
... The image segmentation problem is concerned with partitioning an image into multiple regions according to some homogeneity criterion ... is primarily concerned with graph theoretic approaches to image segmentation ...
Market Segmentation Index
... Market segmentation index—or the Celli index of market segmentation, named after the Italian economist Gianluca Celli—is a measure of market segmentation ...
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... Segmentation can result in different groups, for example men and women, receiving different wages for the same work ... However, as the word "dual" implies, a DLM usually refers to two parallel markets, whilst segmentation in the broadest sense may involve several labor markets ...