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Pentode - Advantages Over The Tetrode
... However, the positively charged screen grid can collect the secondary electrons emitted from the anode, which can cause increased current toward the screen grid, and cause the anode ... A pentode, as introduced by Tellegen, has an additional electrode, or third grid, called the suppressor grid that solves the problem of secondary emission ... The suppressor grid does this by being held at a low potential, usually either grounded or connected to the cathode ...
Beam Tetrode - History
... by Philips/Mullard with the introduction of a suppressor grid to produce the pentode construction ... The control and screen grids were wound so that the pitches were the same and the wires were in alignment (the pentode used different pitches) ... plates was added at the two ends of the oval grid structure to focus the electron stream into a pair of beams 180 degrees apart (the pentode added a third grid) ...

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