• (adj): Searching for and feeding on decaying matter.
    Example: "Scavenging hyenas and vultures"
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Piston Engines - Internal Combustion Engines - Deflector Pistons
... within the cylinder must be carefully directed in order to provide efficient scavenging ... With cross scavenging, the transfer (inlet to the cylinder) and exhaust ports are on directly facing sides of the cylinder wall ... Despite this, cross scavenging was never as effective as hoped ...
Manual Scavenging - History
... Manual scavenging is said to have started in 1214 in Europe when the first public toilets appeared ... Manual scavenging still survives in parts of India without proper sewage systems ... In 1970s the state of Karnataka passed a law to ban manual scavenging ...
Schnuerle Porting - Loop Scavenging
... porting encourages flow in a loop, it is termed "loop scavenging" ... Historically, the deflector piston form of cross scavenging was termed "loop scavenging", after the supposed shape of the flow ... Schnuerle flow was termed "reverse loop scavenging" ...

More definitions of "scavenging":

  • (adj): Searching for and salvaging anything useful from discarded material.
    Example: "Scavenging larvae"