Sassanid Army

The birth of the Sassanid army (Persian: ارتش ساسانيان‎ Artesh-e Sāsānīyān, Pahlavi Spâh سپاه, "army") dates back to the rise of Ardashir I (r. 226–241), the founder of the Sassanid dynasty, to the throne. Ardashir aimed at the revival of the Persian Empire, and to further this aim, he reformed the military by forming a standing army which was under his personal command and whose officers were separate from satraps, local princes and nobility. He restored the Achaemenid military organizations, retained the Parthian cavalry model, and employed new types of armour and siege warfare techniques. This was the beginning for a military system which served him and his successors for over 400 years, during which the Sassanid Empire was, along with the Roman Empire and later the East Roman Empire, one of the two superpowers of Late Antiquity in Western Eurasia. The Sassanid army protected Eranshahr ("the realm of Iran") from the East against the incursions of central Asiatic nomads like the Hephthalites, Turks, while in the west it was engaged in a recurrent struggle against the Roman Empire.

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Sassanid Army - Azadan Nobility
... This class of nobility was first formed in Parthian times, and was carried over into the Sassanid state, where they were a force to be reckoned with ... on their small estates and providing the cavalry backbone of Sassanid army ... It was the elite cavalry of Sassanid Persia, who were the forerunners of the later Arabian Faris, the Caucasian horsemen, the Indian Sowar (derived from ...
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... Khalid tried to reach Ullais before the Sassanid army could reinforce them, in order to avoid a battle with an army that would heavily outnumbered his own however he failed to ... The Sassanid army and Christian Arabs contingents were camped side by side with the Euphrates to their left, the Khaseef to their right and the river junction behind them ... Information of the Rashidun Caliphate army's advance reached Jaban a little before midday ...
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... The cavalry used during the Sassanid Empire were two types of heavy cavalry units Clibanarii and Cataphracts ... Unlike the Parthians, the Sassanids developed advanced siege engines ... the ability to seize cities and other fortified points conversely, the Sassanids also developed a number of techniques for defending their own cities ...
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... At Kazima there were no signs of the Muslim army ... Uballa which was an important port of the Sassanid Empire, situated near modern day Busra ... Because Hormuz could not leave the Kazima route to the Muslims, the heavily armed Sassanid army was once again ordered to set off for Kazima ...

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