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  • Atari SAP music format, format used for storing music on 8-bit Atari computers and consoles
  • SAP AG, a German software company
    • SAP ERP, the main product of SAP AG, previously known as SAP R/3
  • SAP2000, a Structural Analysis Program
  • Second audio program, an auxiliary audio channel for broadcast and cable television
  • Service Access Point, an identifying label for network endpoints in OSI networking
  • Service Advertising Protocol, an IPX network protocol for services
  • Session Announcement Protocol, a computer protocol for broadcasting multicast session information
  • SIM Access Profile, a connectivity profile defined by the Bluetooth specification
  • Standard Assessment Procedure, a method system for measuring the energy rating of residential dwellings used in the United Kingdom
  • Space allocation problem, in architecture or space planning is determining the position and size of several elements within the space

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Famous quotes containing the word technology:

    Technology is not an image of the world but a way of operating on reality. The nihilism of technology lies not only in the fact that it is the most perfect expression of the will to power ... but also in the fact that it lacks meaning.
    Octavio Paz (b. 1914)

    Our technology forces us to live mythically, but we continue to think fragmentarily, and on single, separate planes.
    Marshall McLuhan (1911–1980)