A rite is an established, ceremonious, usually religious act. Rites in this sense fall into three major categories:

  • rites of passage, generally changing an individual's social status, such as marriage, baptism, or graduation.
  • rites of worship, where a community comes together to worship, such as Jewish synagogue or Mass
  • rites of personal devotion, where an individual worships, including prayer and pilgrimages such as the Muslim Hajj.

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Carmelite Rite
... The Rite of the Holy Sepulchre commonly called the Carmelite Rite is the liturgical rite that was used by the Canons Regular of the Holy Sepulchre, Hospitallers, Templars ...
Roman Catholic Archdiocese Of Kaifeng - Leadership
... Archbishops of Kaifeng 開封 (Roman rite) Archbishop Gaetano Pollio, P.I.M.E. 12, 1946 – September 8, 1960) Vicars Apostolic of Kaifengfu 開封府 (Roman Rite) Bishop Noè Giuseppe Tacconi, P.I.M.E ... Apostolic of Eastern Honan 河南東境 (Roman Rite) Bishop Noè Giuseppe Tacconi, P.I.M.E ...
Roman Catholic Diocese Of Changde - Leadership
... Bishops of Changde 常德 (Roman rite) Bishop Gerardo Faustino Herrero Garrote, O.S.A. 11, 1946 – April 23, 1965) Vicars Apostolic of Changde 常德 (Roman Rite) Bishop Gerardo Faustino Herrero Garrote, O.S.A. 16, 1938) Vicars Apostolic of Northern Hunan 湖南北境 (Roman Rite) Bishop Angel Diego y Carbajal, O.S.A ...
Rite - Masonic
... In North America, Freemasons have the option of joining the Scottish Rite and/or the York Rite, two appendant bodies that offer additional degrees to those who have taken the basic three ...
Carmelite Rite - Current Use
... Praepositus General, as such it had no formal relationship with the Carmelite rite ... John of the Cross who voted to keep the rite, the new Order effectively eschewed the rite and adopted the Roman rite ... principles of the Tridentine liturgical reforms was the attempt to tidy up the particular rites of Orders and Primatial Sees so that there was a greater conformity to Roman ...

Famous quotes containing the word rite:

    Every ceremony or rite has a value if it is performed without alteration. A ceremony is a book in which a great deal is written. Anyone who understands can read it. One rite often contains more than a hundred books.
    George Gurdjieff (c. 1877–1949)

    A woman can get marries and her life does change. And a man can get married and his life changes. But nothing changes life as dramatically as having a child. . . . In this country, it is a particular experience, a rite of passage, if you will, that is unsupported for the most part, and rather ignored. Somebody will send you a couple of presents for the baby, but people do not acknowledge the massive experience to the parents involved.
    Dana Raphael (20th century)

    No doubt they rose up early to observe
    The rite of May.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)