Registered Cossacks

Registered Cossacks (Ukrainian: Реєстрові козаки, Reyestrovi kozaky, Polish: Kozacy rejestrowi) is the term used for Cossack formations recruited by the Crown of Poland. The formations were based on official registries which gave the name. Registered Cossacks were a military formations of Commonwealth army from 1572 until the year 1699 when were abolished.

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Pavel Mikhnovych
... Paweł Michnowicz also known as Pavel Pavluk died 1638) was a colonel in Registered Cossacks (реєстрові козаки) аnd self-appointed hetman, as well as a leader of a peasant rebellion (the ... The rebellion against the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was sparked by several Cossacks expelled from the Cossack Registry ... Mikhnovych ordered the captured commanders of the Registered Cossacks to be executed and issued a declaration, in which he proclaimed a fight against the masters ...
Bohdan Khmelnytsky - Biography - The Uprising - Initial Successes
... On December 7, 1648 his small (300–500-man) detachment, with the help of registered Cossacks who went to his side, disarmed the small Polish detachment guarding the ... An attempt to retake the Sich by the Poles was decisively fought off as more registered Cossacks joined his forces ... At the end of January 1649 a Cossack Rada was called and Khmelnytsky was unanimously elected a hetman ...
Battle Of Zhovti Vody - The Battle
... comparison with Khmelnytsky's army of 8,000, which consisted of Cossacks, as well as 3,000-4,000 Crimean Tatars under the command of Tuhaj Bej ... at Zhovti Vody, Mykhailo Krychevsky's 4,000 registered Cossacks arrived and sided with Khmelnytsky (Krychevsky himself was taken prisoner by the Tatars while still fighting for the Commonwealth he would ... Cossacks who stayed loyal to the Crown, such as Ivan Barabash, were cut down, as well as the German dragoons in their midst ...
Registered Cossacks - Cossack Hetmanate
... According to the Treaty of Zboriv, signed on August 17, 1649, the number of Registered Cossacks increased up to 40 thousand ... The Seats and the Number of Registered Cossacks in 1649 ... Seat of a Cossack regiment Number of Registered Cossacks 1 Bila Tserkva 2 ... Bratslav 3 ... Cherkasy 4 ... Chernihiv 5 ... Chyhyryn 6 ... Kalnyk 7 ... Kaniv 8 ... Kiev 9 ... Korsun 3470 ...
Kosiński Uprising
... This, however, was threatened by the Cossacks, who organised raids into Crimea, Moldavia and other lands of the Ottoman Empire ... Murad III threatened Poland-Lithuania with war if the Cossack pillaging was to continue ... ze strony Niżowców i Ukrainy) Act, in which the Registered Cossacks were banned from raids to the Zaporizhian Sich, taking captives and pillaging ...

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