Ramree Island

Ramree Island (Burmese: ရမ်းဗြဲကျွန်း; also spelt Yangbye Island or Yanbye Island) is an island off the coast of Rakhine State, Burma. The area of the island is about 1350 km² and the main populated center is Ramree.

During World War II the Battle of Ramree Island was fought during January and February 1945, as part of the British Fourteenth Army 1944/45 offensive on the Southern Front of the Burma Campaign. At the close of the battle Japanese soldiers were forced into the marshes surrounding the island, and saltwater crocodiles are claimed to have eaten 400 - in what the Guinness World Records has listed as "The Greatest Disaster Suffered from Animals".

Ramree Island is also the location of a proposed gas pipeline system to be built on the Indian Ocean coast to the province of Yunnan in China. From a deep water port to be completed on Kyaukphyu in Rakhine State and from Ramree Island, oil from the Middle East and gas from Burma's ocean coast will be transported through the pipelines to China. The pipelines will enable China to rely less on ocean-transported oil and gas through the treacherous Strait of Malacca and will also cut two weeks off the potential transport time. The pipeline transport fees will be a source of revenue for the Burma government, on top of the sale of the gas. Construction began in 2011.

Coordinates: 19°04′N 93°50′E / 19.067°N 93.833°E / 19.067; 93.833

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Battle Of Ramree Island
... The Battle of Ramree Island was fought for six weeks during January and February 1945, as part of the Indian XV Corps 1944/45 offensive on the Southern Front of the Burma ... Ramree Island (Yangbye Kywan) lies off the Burma coast and was captured along with the rest of Southern Burma, during the early stages of the Burma ... were able to launch attacks to retake Ramree and its neighbour Cheduba, with the intention of building sea-supplied airbases on them ...

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