Prefect (from the Latin praefectus, perfect participle of praeficere: "make in front", i.e., put in charge) is a magisterial title of varying definition.

A prefect's office, department, or area of control is called a prefecture, but in various post-Roman cases there is a prefect without a prefecture or vice versa. The words "prefect" and "prefecture" are also used, more or less conventionally, to render analogous words in other languages, especially Romance languages.

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Prefect (France)
... A prefect (French préfet) in France is the State's representative in a department or region ... Sub-prefects (French sous-préfets) are responsible for the subdivisions of departments, arrondissements ... The office of a prefect is known as a prefecture and that of a sub-prefect as a subprefecture ...
Senior Prefect
... Senior Prefects are a variant form of Prefect taken by students in the British education system ... Normally a few select people boy/girl (who becomes the "Senior Prefects") are chosen to do this ... Senior Prefects are usually responsible for helping out with school events such as school open evenings, enterprise days, future focus days, Inductions days etc ...
List Of Governors Of Roman Egypt
... governor of Roman Egypt (praefectus Aegypti) was a prefect who administered the Roman province of Egypt with the delegated authority (imperium) of the emperor ... He thus established Egypt as an imperial province, to be governed by a prefect he appointed from men of the equestrian order ... A prefect of Egypt usually held the office for three or four years ...
Prefect - Police
... The Prefect of Police (Préfet de police) is the officer in charge of co-ordinating police forces in Paris and the Bouches-du-Rhônes ...
Charles Ambroise De Caffarelli Du Falga
... He became prefect under the First French Empire, then a member of the general counsel of Haute-Garonne ... He was notably Prefect of the Ardèche, Calvados and Aube ... an imperial order discharging him of his post as Prefect of l'Aube ...

Famous quotes containing the word prefect:

    The State has but one face for me: that of the police. To my eyes, all of the State’s ministries have this single face, and I cannot imagine the ministry of culture other than as the police of culture, with its prefect and commissioners.
    Jean Dubuffet (1901–1985)