Pedicle or pedicel may refer to:

  • Pedicle of vertebral arch, the segment between the transverse process and the vertebral body, and is often used as a radiographic marker and entry point in vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty procedures
  • pedicle of a skin flap (medicine)
  • Pedicle (zoology), a fleshy line used to attach and anchor brachiopods and some bivalve mollusks to a substrate
  • Pedicel (botany), the stalk of an individual flower
  • Pedicle (cervidae), the attachment point for antlers in cervids
  • Pedicel (antenna), the second segment of the antenna in the class Insecta, where the Johnston's organ is found
  • Hilum of kidney, also called the renal pedicle
  • Pedicel, a foot process of a renal podocyte
  • Pedicel or petiole (insect), the stem formed by a restricted abdominal segment which connects the thorax with the gaster (the remaining abdominal segments) in the suborder Apocrita
  • Pedicel (spider), the narrow segment connecting the cephalothorax with the abdomen
  • Congo Pedicle, an area of DR Congo jutting into Zambia
  • Zaire Pedicle, used for 'Congo Pedicle' during the time that DR Congo was called Zaire
  • Congo Pedicle road, serving Zambian provinces either side of the Congo Pedicle

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... the site of the Chembe Ferry across the Luapula River dividing Zambia and the Congo Pedicle territory of DR Congo ... The ferry connects the principal Luapula highway to the Congo Pedicle road, a dirt highway maintained by Zambia through Congolese territory to link Mansa to the Copperbelt ... Subsequent paving of the Pedicle road will do much to improve trade through the town ...
Congo Pedicle Road
... The Congo Pedicle road (at one time referred to as the 'Zaire Pedicle road') crosses the Congolese territory of the Congo Pedicle and was constructed by and is maintained by Zambia to connect its Copperbelt ... Both the road and the territory may be referred to as ‘the Pedicle’ ... For thirty years, the Congo Pedicle road has been a major development issue in northern Zambia ...
Congo Pedicle Road - The Future of The Pedicle Road
... In the meantime, the laterite Pedicle road has deteriorated but security in the DR Congo has improved ... As the cost of fuel has soared and with the Pedicle saving more than 500 km on the Copperbelt-Serenje-Samfya-Mansa distance there is still the need, as there has been for 30 years, to ... As of September 2012, The Pedicle Road is halfway tarred ...
Congo Pedicle - Consequences For Northern Rhodesia/Zambia - Strategic Issues For Zambia
... The Pedicle cuts off the Luapula Province and the western part of the Northern Province from the country's industrial and commercial hub of the Copperbelt ... This is exacerbated by the fact that at the Pedicle's toetip, where the Luapula ostensibly flows out of the Bangweulu system, the river swamps are at least 6 km wide and the ... Strategically the Congo Pedicle is an issue for Zambia, though not for DR Congo ...