Organizer could refer to:

  • Union organizer, a trade union official
  • Party organizer, a political party official
  • Community organizing, a way of building democratic power for the powerless
  • Personal organizer, a type of diary
  • Electronic organizer, an electronic version of a personal organizer.
  • Professional organizer, a person who helps others get organized.
  • Spemann-Mangold Organizer, also called embryonic induction, a cell or tissue which sends signals to other cells to instruct the fate of these cells

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Tom Kertes - Current Work
... launch the Campaign for Child Care Equity at UBC as a grassoots organizer and a union member of BCGEU Local 303 ... He is also an organizer with Liberation Learning, an organization of child care workers in British Columbia ... In 2009 Tom Kertes moved to Vancouver, Canada where he currently works as a community organizer in the child care sector ...
Crusher (website) - Features
... • Organizer can limit the maximum number of guest RSVP's ... • Organizer can control how guests appear on the guest list by uploading photos of guests ... • Organizer can send announcements scoped to a particular invitee set ...
List Of Ontario CCF/NDP Members - Prominent Ontario CCF/NDP Members and Organizers
1930/1940s Elmore Philpott - Ontario CCF organizer, 1933–1935 Graham Spry - League for Social Reconstruction/CCF organizer Frank Underhill - League ... Scott - League for Social Reconstruction/CCF organizer Murray Cotterill - prominent organizer and Ontario CCF leadership candidate in 1942 Lister Sinclair - CCF speechwriter Lewis Duncan - Former Toronto City ... Toronto politician) - candidate for party positions 1970s Michael Lewis - organizer and provincial secretary Gerald Caplan - advisor to Stephen Lewis, director of research in the late 1990s 1980s Ian Orenstein ...