Operation Badr

Operation Badr may refer to:

  • Operation Badr (1973), the highly successful Egyptian crossing of the Bar-Lev Line in the Yom Kippur War
  • Operation Badr (1985), an unsuccessful Iranian operation in the Iran-Iraq War
  • Operation Badr (1999) or Kargil War, a conflict between India and Pakistan
  • Operation Badr (2011) 2011 Taliban offensive

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Operation Badr (1973) - Aftermath
... Operation Badr was the opening battle of the Yom Kippur War in the Sinai, and the first major Arab victory against the Israelis in years ... the Egyptians had accomplished the objectives of Operation Badr ... President Richard Nixon's decision to initiate Operation Nickel Grass—which aimed to replace all of Israel's material losses—to Dinitz ...
Iran-Iraq War - Course of The War - 1985–86: Offensives and Retreats - Operation Badr
... on 11 March 1985 with an offensive directed against Basra, codenamed Operation Badr (after the Battle of Badr, Muhammad's first military victory in Mecca) ... Ayatollah Khomeini urged Iranians on, declaring This operation was similar to Operation Kheibar, though it invoked more planning ... Highway 8, which they had failed to achieve in Operations Dawn 5 and 6, and reached the Tigris River ...
Operation Badr (1973)
... Operation Badr (Arabic عملية بدر‎ ʻAmaliyat Badr) or Plan Badr (خطة بدر Khitat Badr) was the code name for the Egyptian military operation to ... Operation Badr was preceded by training exercises starting in 1968, operational planning from 1971 onwards and a deception operation ...

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