Iranians may refer to:

  • Persian people, an Iranian people
  • Iranian peoples, an Indo-European ethno-linguistic group compromising the speakers of the Iranian languages including Iran and other nations in Central Asia, and the Middle East
  • For the inhabitants of the Islamic Republic of Iran, see Demographics of Iran

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Salar Abdoh - Conclusion
... role in Iran to the point where they coexist, gives Iran most of its identity because most Iranian people practice the Islamic faith ... The promise of a better life after death gives Iranians hope of evading their current situation ... critical for maintaining individuality because Iranians and Muslims are able to hold on to a chunk of their past that has not been altered by governments or foreign nations ...
Siege Of Abadan - Iraqi June Offensive
... declining morale and with the Shatt-al-Arab waterway still blocked by the besieged Iranians, Saddam ordered the Iraqis to attack in June, 1981 ... The Iranians had reinforced the garrison with 15,000 troops, including the Pasdaran, regular army, and Khuzestani Arab fighters ... the city, using 60,000 troops and tanks, outnumbering the Iranians 6-1 ...
Gozaar - Blogestan
... a list of active blogs that shed light on issues faced by the Iranians ... Most of the blogs are by Iranians, both inside and outside of Iran, though some other blogs that provide interesting commentary on civil society are also highlighted ... discussion on civil society and provide a better understanding of the lives and challenges of Iranians around the world ...
... which users can post links to the webpages of their interest, with an emphasis on Iranian audience ... proved to be a very effective social network after the Iranian presidential elections in June 2009 ... Many Iranians used Balatarin for getting news about the green movement against claimed fraud in elections as the Government had started censoring all the news about the ...