Ob may refer to:

  • Ob River, a river in West Siberia, Russia
  • Ob Sea, an artificial lake on the Ob River
  • Ob, Russia, a town in Novosibirsk Oblast, Russia
  • Ob, Germany, place in Bidingen, Bavaria, Germany
  • Gulf of Ob, a bay of the Arctic Ocean in Northern Russia
  • Object Manager (Windows), a Windows NT subsystem
  • The fictional currency of the Gands in Eric Frank Russell's The Great Explosion

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... that they are a couple when she tells OB "I never would have thought I would have a boyfriend who looked better than me in lipgloss." However, after realising her feelings for OB, she breaks up with Kris claiming he ... Kris sees Summer having lunch with OB and is angry, but when OB defends her Kris and OB 'fight', ending in Summer pouring water over them ...