North Yemen - Basic Information

Basic Information

  • Area: 167,943 km² (64,843.15 sq mi)
  • Population (1990 estimate): 7,160,981
  • Population density (1990 estimate): 42.6 /km² (110.4 /sq mi)
  • Language: Arabic
  • Capital: Sana'a
  • Currency: North Yemeni rial
  • Calling code: +967
  • ISO Country Codes: YE, YEM, 886
  • Historical dates:
    • Independence from the Ottoman Empire: November 1, 1918
    • Admitted to the United Nations: September 30, 1947
    • Yemen Arab Republic established: September 26, 1962
    • Unification with South Yemen: May 22, 1994

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