Modern Man

Modern man may refer to:

  • Modernity, recent history and society, especially:
  • The modern individual or everyman.
  • The contemporary human condition.
  • Anatomically modern humans, Homo sapiens of the last 200,000 years
  • Modern Man (magazine), a defunct monthly men's magazine
  • Modern Man (Michael Peterson album), the third album by country music singer Michael Peterson
  • Modern Man (album), the fifth by jazz musician Stanley Clarke
  • Modern Man, a song from the 1990 album Against the Grain by the punk rock band Bad Religion
  • Modern Man released in 2005, the third studio album by indie rock band Dissident Prophet
  • Modern Man (film), a 2006 experimental drama about one man’s isolation and search for meaning. The film was directed, edited and photographed by Justin Swibel
  • Modern Man, a song from the 2010 album The Suburbs by Arcade Fire

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Mircea Eliade - Eliade's Philosophy - Philosopher of Religion - Christianity and The "salvation" of History
... religions as a turning point between the ancient, cyclic view of time and the modern, linear view of time, noting that, in their case, sacred events are not limited to a far-off ... When God is born as a man, into the stream of history, "all history becomes a theophany" ... message" may be the most important help that modern man could have in confronting the terror of history ...
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Modern Man (magazine)
... Modern Man (subtitled "The Adult Picture Magazine") is a now defunct monthly men's magazine founded in 1952 and running for several decades ... Predating Playboy, Modern Man focused on items of interest to adult men, with an emphasis on soft-core pornography, sex, humor, automobiles and popular culture ...
Prehistoric Iberia - Lower and Middle Paleolithic
... For a time Neanderthals and modern humans coexisted until the former were finally driven to extinction ... Modern man continued to inhabit the peninsula through the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods ... This culture continued to exist until around 28,000 BC when Neanderthal man faced extinction, their final refuge has been said to be Gibraltar ...

Famous quotes related to modern man:

    By his very success in inventing labor-saving devices, modern man has manufactured an abyss of boredom that only the privileged classes in earlier civilizations have ever fathomed.
    Lewis Mumford (1895–1990)