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List Of KOF: Maximum Impact Characters
... This is a list of characters from KOF Maximum Impact series that play their own roles in the overall King of Fighters story ... All of the original characters listed here are also created and designed by Maximum Impact's producer, Falcoon ...
Kyo Kusanagi - Appearances - In Video Games
... spin-offs video games of the series Neowave and Maximum Impact series ... In Maximum Impact 2, he is also playable as a his classic version from the first games as well as with a new outfit ... in each North American edition from Maximum Impact, Kyo is played by Andrew Roth, an English voice actor ...
List Of KOF: Maximum Impact Characters - Hyena
... character from the SNK Playmore's fighting game series KOF Maximum Impact, part of The King of Fighters series ... story scenarios in the first game but enters as an unlockable playable character in KOF Maximum Impact 2 ... In Maximum Impact Regulation A, Hyena gained a new super move - "Hyena's Joke" which is a parody on Oswald's LDM - "Joker" ...
List Of The King Of Fighters Video Games - Spin-offs
... The King of Fighters Maximum Impact Original release date(s) 2004-08-12 2004-08-12 2005-07-01 2005 Release years by system 2004—PlayStation 2 2005—Xbox Notes It was ... KOF Maximum Impact 2 Original release date(s) 2006-06-19 2006-09-19 Release years by system 2006—PlayStation 2 2007—Xbox Notes Known in Japan as The King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2 ... DVD of "The King of Fighters Another Day", supposedly a prequel leading up to the Maximum Impact 2 and involved characters from the King of Fighters XI ...

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