Makoto Nagano

Makoto Nagano (長野 誠, Nagano Makoto?, born March 30, 1972 in Kitakata, Miyazaki) (sometimes known as "The World's Strongest Fisherman") is a commercial fisherman and the captain of his vessel, F/V Konpira Maru 28 (第28金比羅丸?) and musician. He is regularly seen on the Japanese television show Sasuke (Ninja Warrior) where he is one of the "SASUKE All-Stars," a group of favored competitors who possess the greatest potential in completing the four grueling obstacle courses of Ninja Warrior, and gain the honor of becoming a renowned superior athlete, and also receive the coveted cash prize of two million yen.

Winning in the 17th competition (2006), he is the second of only three victors of the competition, the others being Kazuhiko Akiyama in the 4th competition (1999) and Yuuji Urushihara in the 24th (2010) and 27th (2011) competitions.

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