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Episode Summary

Map: Universal Studios Backlot

The contestants were separated into 2 teams of 5. Blue team included London, Adria, Ameenah, Lucas, and Trisha. Red team included Tracy, Evan, Andrew, Lynda, and Darin. The host revealed that their first challenge would be to race over to Robertson's Saloon, where the teams would have to bounce a laser off of mirrors and light up a disco ball to earn Deflectors. The losing team would have to search for hidden Deflectors outside the Saloon. The Blue team arrived at the saloon first (Tracy dropped her map, causing Darin to go back and get it) and they managed to light up their disco ball first. The Red team managed to get their ball to light up, and everyone but Lynda found a Deflector. 5 minutes into the game, the first 2 hunters, Grant and Wong, were released.

Lucas began searching and collecting many of the money flags ($1,000 apiece) quickly, and the 3rd hunter (Vazquez) was released shortly afterward. London and Trisha formed an alliance, while Lucas used his Deflector on Grant. Shortly afterward, Trisha used her Deflector on Wong and London used his on Vazquez, who was chasing Evan.

The host then called the runners, informing them of their next challenge, which he titled "Hamper the Hunter". They were to head over to Jaws Lake, where the special guest hunter (ECW's Ricky Ortiz) was placed. The runners were informed to remove a 5-pound weight in their packs and place it in a vest on Ortiz. Once completed, they could grab a Sonic Stunner. On her way to Jaws Lake, Ameenah managed to escape Wong, but had to use her Deflector on Grant right afterward. In the middle of the challenge, the 4th hunter (Icey) was released. Darin hesitated with the challenge, while the rest of the runners received a Sonic Stunner and some insults from Ortiz. Shortly afterward, Ameenah used her Sonic Stunner on Grant, and Ricky Ortiz was then released. Ameenah was once again chased by Grant and ran into a corner, causing her to become the first runner captured.

The host called to reveal the first clue to the hidden exit point: "Steer clear of the Bates Motel". Lucas continued to collect many of the money flags, while Andrew and Darin met up. The host called to signal the half-point of the game, and to offer $2,000 for the first runner to call him and quit the game. Evan and Darin were tempted by the offer, and Evan received the money while Darin tried to figure out how to call the host.

Darin and Andrew were then chased by Icey, who was deflected by Darin. Seconds later, Darin was captured by Wong and Andrew used his Deflector on Grant. Icey captured Lynda from behind, and Tracy used her Deflector on Ortiz and her Sonic Stunner on Wong back to back. Tracy then met up with Adria and the two of them ducked into an alley. Grant ran in the alley and captured Tracy and Adria used her Sonic Stunner on him afterward.

The host called to reveal the last challenge. They were to head to one of two locations (Denver St. or the War of the Worlds set) where a deactivation station was set up. They would have to swipe their runner cards into the machine, that would deactivate a homing device on their packs. They would also earn the Invisibility Glasses. He also informed the runners that Ortiz would drop the extra weight placed on him earlier, making him faster. Lucas used his Sonic Stunner on Ortiz right in front of the station at Denver St.. Trisha used her Sonic Stunner on Wong and Adria used her Deflector on him while he was frozen. Everyone but Andrew got their devices deactivated and Andrew used his Sonic Stunner on Ortiz as a result.

Trisha and Adria spotted an inactive hunter (Kim) on Denver St. and Trisha used her glasses to escape capture from Wong. Kim was released shortly afterward and Adria used her glasses to escape capture from Kim and Wong. However, 30 seconds later, she briefly removed her glasses, causing them to become useless. London used his Sonic Stunner to avoid capture from Grant. Lucas used his glasses to avoid capture from Grant, Kim, and Wong, but later, he made the same mistake as Adria by removing his glasses momentarily. Andrew's device was still going off and he was captured by Kim. London then used his glasses to avoid capture from Vazquez. Lucas was then chased by Ortiz and was captured by Kim, who had come at Lucas unseen and from another direction.

The host then called to reveal the exit point. The exit point was a red flag on the hanging shark at Jaws Lake, and the first runner to grab the flag would win all of their money collected. Adria was chased by Kim and Ortiz on her way there, and was captured by Ortiz inside a building. London managed to stay ahead of Trisha all the way to the hanging shark, but Trisha grabbed the flag off the shark first by a split second, winning the $25,000. She actually won $26,000 because she also found a money flag.

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