Jun Hono

This is a list of characters from the anime and manga series Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Grendizer, Mazinkaiser as well as the Shin Mazinger reboot. It lists the main players of the plots as well as minor characters or others that did not appear in more than one chapter.

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List Of Mazinger Characters - From Great Mazinger - Jun Hono
... Jun Hono showed up in the first episode of Great Mazinger ... Sayaka, who was well-meaning and brave yet had no real self-defense skills, Jun is very capable of defending herself outside of the robotic battlefield, as she showed her martial arts skills when she ... Jun, with Venus robot has a considerable firepower missile-fingers, breast-missiles, photonic-rays but, while being far powerful than Aphrodite A, she is regularly defeated by the enemy monsters, and often ...