Institutional Discrimination in The United States Housing Market

Charges of Institutional discrimination in the United States housing market hold that discrimination and segregation in the United States housing market have endured despite the condemnation of discriminatory practices. Institutionalized, or systematic, racism has been shown to occur even though overt racist policies have been discontinued. Race is the biggest factor in residential segregation, not class. Socioeconomic factors generally do not keep from desegregating communities. Non-discriminatory policies have been created in order to help desegregate neighborhoods and help everyone purchase homes. However, most of the policies created to help African Americans and other minorities have done little to help, and in some cases even hurt them more.

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Institutional Discrimination In The United States Housing Market - Effects On African Americans
... It has been estimated that discrimination has caused black homeowners to pay more than $10.5 billion in extra home payments, and that black American homeowners lost $4,000 due to their home mortgages being 54 ...

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