• (adj): Marked by or expressing individuality.
    Synonyms: individualistic
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Individualist Anarchism
... Individualist anarchism refers to several traditions of thought within the anarchist movement that emphasize the individual and his or her will over external determinants such as groups, society, traditions, and ... Individualist anarchism is not a single philosophy but refers to a group of individualistic philosophies that sometimes are in conflict ... Tucker, a famous 19th century individualist anarchist, held that "if the individual has the right to govern himself, all external government is ...
Anarchism In Italy - History - Italian Individualist Anarchism and Illegalism
... In Italy individualist anarchism had a strong tendency towards illegalism and violent propaganda by the deed similar to French individualist anarchism but perhaps more extreme ... In this respect we can consider notorious magnicides carried out or attempted by individualists Giovanni Passannante, Sante Caserio, Michele Angiolillo, Luigi ... laid out at the end of 19th century Italy in a combination of individualist anarchism criticism of permanent groups and organization with a socialist class struggle worldview ...
Anarchist Law - Enforceability
... Some individualist anarchists (who argue that any collective action against an individual is illegitimate) hotly dispute this point ... For individualist anarchists the right of individuals to not be coerced legitimizes the use of coercive violence for personal self-defense only, while for collectivists it is legitimized both ... This issue is critical since, while the individualist model makes warfare far less likely by eliminating the rationale for the creation of large bodies of armed men, the collectivist approach makes it much ...
Joe Peacott
... Joe Peacott is an individualist anarchist writer based in the United States ... leading figure at BAD Press, a publishing outlet for individualist anarchist philosophy ... Peacott, in the tradition of the 19th century American individualist anarchists, supports private property in the sense of ownership based on labor and trade except for in land where ...
Steven T. Byington
... (December 10, 1869 – October 12, 1957) was a noted intellectual, translator, and American individualist anarchist ... A one-time proponent of Georgism, he converted to individualist anarchism after associating with Benjamin Tucker ... He was a firm believer in the promotion of individualist anarchism through education ...

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  • (noun): A person who pursues independent thought or action.