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Cortinarius Mucosus - Description
... The gills are closely spaced, have an adnexed attachment to the stipe, and are pale yellowish at first, becoming rusty brown as the spores mature ... Cortinarius, young specimens have a cortina, a cobweb-like annulus that protects the developing gills ... are 4-spored, and cystidia are not present on the edge of the gills ...
Psilocybe Caerulescens Var. Caerulescens - Gills
... The gills are adnate to sinuate and close to subclose ... They are whitish, yellowish grey when young, becoming dark violaceous brown to sepia brown with age the edges remain slightly whitish ...
Lactarius Volemus - Description - Similar Species
... corrugis usually has more surface wrinkles, darker gills, weaker or absent scent, and less orange colouration however, intermediate colour forms can be found ... volemus, but differs in having widely spaced gills, and spores that lack surface reticulations ... the fishy odour, has a dull yellow-orange to bright golden orange cap, narrow gills, and a white latex that does not change colour ...
Lord (Kamen Rider) - List of Lords - Ant Lord
... The first one was one killed by Gills's Gills Heel Claw when he attempted to kill Rei Motoki ... Mana's power, with numbers of them killed by Agito, Gills, G3-X, and G4 ... But Gills, despite seemingly out of the fight after the loss of his arm, regenerates and transforms into Exceed Gills and attacks Eques, holding him in the ...

Famous quotes containing the word gills:

    his gills were breathing in
    the terrible oxygen
    Elizabeth Bishop (1911–1979)