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... internalization process in which the two opposing gap junction plaque membranes are internalized into one of two contacting cells, to form pentilaminar-annular gap junction vesicles ... In non-gap junctional membrane internalization, endocytosis can occur independent of the conditions in adjacent cells ... However in the case of gap junction plaque internalization the membrane of the adjacent cell is internalized into its contacting cell pair, and is thus an “endoexocytic” process ...
Discovery - What Is A Gap Junction Made Of? - The "plaque" or "formation Plaque"
... Early descriptions of "gap junctions" and "connexons" did not refer to them as such and many other terms were used ... It is likely that "synaptic disks" were an accurate reference to gap junction plaques ... The disk or "plaque" appeared to have structural properties different to those imparted by the connexons alone ...

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