FSS may refer to:


  • Federal Security Service (Russia), a Russian government security agency
  • Federal Signal Corporation (stock code: FSS)
  • Federal Supply Service, part of the Federal Acquisition Service of the U.S. General Services Administration
  • Financial Supervisory Service (South Korea), South Korea's financial regulator
  • Fisher Scientific
  • Flextronics Software Systems
  • Food Service Solutions, a software company
  • Football Association of Serbia
  • Forensic Science Service, a UK government owned company
  • FSS (brand) (Fabricamos su Sudadera), company in Colombia
  • Federal State School, a school located in Federal, Queensland, Australia


  • Algol class vehicle cargo ship, also known as fast sealift ships
  • Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society
  • Fire Support Specialist, an artillery observer
  • Five Star Stories
  • Fixed Service Satellite
  • Flats Sequencing System, mail sorting machines
  • Flight service station, an air traffic facility
  • Florida State Seminoles, sports teams of Florida State University
  • Flying-spot scanner, a machine for scanning films or slides
  • Foundation Stock Service Program, a dog breed registry
  • Fish School Search is a family member of Swarm Intelligence algorithms.
  • Freeman–Sheldon syndrome
  • Frequency selective surface based metamaterials
  • Freshman Seminar
  • Furv Skrifys Savonek, the Standard Written Form of the Cornish language
  • RAF Kinloss (IATA airport code)
  • Flinders Street Station in Melbourne, Australia

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Freeman–Sheldon Syndrome - Management - Psychiatric Considerations
... Patients with FSS should have pre-emptive and ongoing mixed cognitive therapy-psychodynamic psychotherapy for patients with FSS and cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT ... as a whole, not a part, which may be problematic among patients with FSS ... speculate on its influence on underlying myopathology of FSS in other ways ...
Flats Sequencing System
... Flats Sequencing System (FSS) is an automated system used by the US Postal Service ... Prior to the deployment of FSS machines, flats were machine sorted to the route level only ... With FSS, when the carrier receives them they are ready to be delivered without need for any further manual sorting ...
Financial Supervisory Service (South Korea) - Supervisory Objectives
... The FSS is geared to emphasize on-site supervision and examinations in its commitment to establishing itself as financial regulator that markets and consumers trust ... The FSS will strengthen prudential supervision to prevent worsening economic and financial conditions from leading to financial distress in companies ... The FSS will provide more financial support for low-income people and SMEs, particularly vulnerable to economic recession, and concentrate on strengthening ...
Financial Supervisory Service (South Korea) - Current Issues - Early Recovery From The Crisis
... Even before the breakout of the financial crisis, the key policy objective of the FSS was to stabilize the financial market and enhance the health and soundness of ... During the recent period of credit expansion, the FSS took a series of strengthened measures of prudency such as Loan-to-Value (LTV) and Debt-to-Income DTI regulations in ... From August 2007, when the sub-prime mortgage crisis emerged in the United States, the FSS established and operated a comprehensive monitoring system to track new market developments ...