Fort George

Fort George may refer to:

United Kingdom:

  • Fort George, Scotland, a fortified garrison, constructed from 1748 near Inverness, Scotland
  • Fort George, Guernsey, the former garrison of St Peter Port, Guernsey, constructed from 1780


  • Fort George, Ontario, a 19th-century fort in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
  • Fort George, Nova Scotia, a.k.a. Halifax Citadel National Historic Site in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Fort George, the former name of Prince George, British Columbia
    • Fort George (electoral district), a provincial electoral district centred on the town of Prince George, British Columbia
    • South Fort George (formerly Fort George), a suburb of Prince George, British Columbia
  • Fort George, a Hudson's Bay Company post near Chisasibi, Quebec
  • Fort George, a North West Company post in Alberta near Buckingham House (fur-trade post)

United States:

  • Fort George, a frontier trading post in Colorado, also known as Fort Saint Vrain
  • Fort George (Pensacola, Florida), a former American Revolutionary War fort in Pensacola, Florida
  • Fort George (Brunswick, Maine), a colonial era fort, erected in 1715 and razed in 1737, that was located in Brunswick, when Maine was under jurisdiction of the Province of Massachusetts Bay
  • Fort George (Castine, Maine), a British fort during the American Revolution, site of the Penobscot Expedition
  • Fort George, former name of Fort Holmes on Mackinac Island, Michigan
  • Fort George, Manhattan, a neighborhood in the extreme northern part of Washington Heights, Manhattan, New York City
  • Fort Amsterdam, a British fort in New York City during the American Revolution, also known as Fort George
  • Fort George, New York, five different forts in various parts of New York State, built at various times
  • Fort George, Oregon, the new name for Fort Astoria after the North West Company purchased it from the Pacific Fur Company in 1813
  • Fort George, a British fort on Goat Island (Rhode Island) named after King George II from 1738-1779, until occupied by American forces during the American Revolution


  • Fort George, Jamaica, an eighteenth-century fort in Port Antonio

British Virgin Islands:

  • Fort George, Tortola, a fort built at the time of the American Revolution


  • Fort George, an eighteenth-century fort in the capital, St. George's, Grenada

Cayman Islands:

  • Fort George, George Town, a heritage site on Grand Cayman


  • Fort George, Bombay, an extension built to the fortified walls of Bombay

French Polynesia

  • A fort in Tubuai built and then abandoned in 1789 by the Bounty mutineers


  • RFA Fort George (A388), combined fleet stores ship and tanker of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary

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