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Gaia Moore: Gaia Moore is a seventeen year old girl with extreme physical prowess, is heavily trained in various martial arts, has an intelligence that is considered slightly above genius, and a defective physiology because she can't feel fear. At the start of the series she has no friends and has just moved to New York city, where she is living with her foster parents George (old friend of Tom Moore) and Ella Niven. She is a freshmen at the beginning of the novel and is 15 (this changes later in the series, and canonically it is considered that she is seventeen and a senior). Initially Gaia is lonely and bitter, and feels ostracized from her classmates (whom she considers inferior and intellectually lacking) and frequently skips school to play chess at the park or to walk around the city sightseeing. She is extremely educated and has a post graduate college level understanding on all her school subjects. At night she wanders around dangerous areas of the city and spends her time fighting criminals and helping people from robbers, murderers, rapists, etc. using her amazing martial arts skills. After she uses her skills, or overtly exerts herself in any way, she experiences a blackout episode where she becomes unconscious for a short period of time. This is due to the enormous amount of stress that she puts on her body from using her unmatched physical skills. In order to compensate for her lack of fear, nature seems to have given Gaia's physical strength, reflexes, and stamina an enormous boost. Her lack of fear also means she has no restrictions placed on her muscles or on her endurance; she can tighten her muscles so much that her bones will break or easily lift up a car with her strength. As well as being in top physical condition, she has been trained for eight years in a variety of martial arts by her father who is part of the CIA. Gaia's favorite foods and meals consist of sugary sweets and junk food with many calories. As the series progresses Gaia learns much about her past and develops emotionally to be much more open to people. At the beginning of the series her tragic past has left her scarred and vulnerable to the point that she has completely isolated herself from others. Throughout the series Gaia has a very negative and bitter personality, is constantly in a bad mood and can get angry very easily. She has experienced many hardships and is prone to have this negative and brutish personality and outlook because she is incapable of feeling fear and therefore has no sense of respect for others to make her act humble or well mannered. She also has low self-esteem and is constantly unsatisfied with how she looks and is overtly critical of herself. She is said to have a toned and well muscled body, has light blond hair, and deep blue eyes,is around 5'10" and is considered exceptionally beautiful by everyone who sees her.

Tom Moore: Tom Moore is Gaia and D's father and the twin of Oliver Moore (who goes by the alias "Loki"). Tom Moore was a CIA field agent who was so good at his job that he was one of the top agents of the country. His codename was Enigma and he was very methodical and proficient as an agent, usually leaving no traces of his presence. As a child, Tom Moore was gifted intellectually and this later showed in his work; his razor sharp wits and intuition saved him from death many times. Tom was usually able to outwit his enemies or think of the one and only solution that could save him in a life or death situation. He lived his life in constant fear due to the amount of enemies he had and was sent on many missions around the world. Despite his skills and intelligence, Tom was always one step behind Loki, and barely managed to survive Loki's death traps. He cared about Gaia so much he would write her a letter every single day, telling her how his day went and how much he loved her, but would never mail them for confidentiality purposes. Tom was also deeply in love with his deceased wife Katia and would remember her for one day out of the year, those days were the only times he would let himself cry. His hand to hand skills were not as good as Gaia's but they were good enough that hardly anybody could stand up to him except Loki. Before becoming a CIA officer, Tom was a green beret. Tom was introduced to the CIA by Agent Rodriguez and was recommended by his old friend George Niven. Tom was always considered a womanizer and the life of the party, was social, friendly, funny and smart. After his wife Katia's death, Tom became withdrawn and felt emotionally numb. The only time he acted otherwise was when he was introduced to Natasha, who had an uncanny resemblance to Katia. Tom has always felt sad that his brother betrayed him and became a monster. Tom always respected his older brother and remembered their childhood friendship. Because of this, there are times when Tom was reluctant to attack or hurt Loki. He had blue eyes and blond hair, was around 6 feet tall.

Katia Moore: Katia Moore is Gaia's mother, she is the primary reason for Loki (Oliver Moore) to become a terrorist and the start of the series. She was killed when Gaia was twelve by Loki in an accidental assassination. She was exceptionally beautiful and was a kind person. She emigrated from Russia to America, trying to leave her past behind and start a new life; her father was a Russian terrorist. She was a singer and knew many languages. Gaia would later admire her mother for being a brave woman and a person. She was accidentally killed by Oliver Moore (alias Loki)when he attempted to assassinate Tom Moore when Gaia was twelve.

D Moore: D (David) is Gaia's younger brother. He was introduced in the second super edition. He has the ability to see auras. His parents were told he had died in childbirth when he had actually been kidnapped, probably to see if he also had the fearless gene. Unlike Gaia, D was born with little physical abilities as he was born slightly autistic and handicapped, he had trouble communicating with others. However D specialized in emotional intelligence and was able to tell what type of person anyone was and how they felt, just by looking at them. Gaia is fiercely loyal and protective of D, as he is one of the only remaining relatives she has. D ended up living on a farm with caring parents after Gaia left New York for the last time.

Mary Moss: Mary was introduced in the fourth book of the series and was saved by Gaia after being assaulted from her drug dealer Skizz. Mary had a carefree personality, was open minded and caring, had red hair and green eyes and was very thin. She was somewhat of a prankster, sarcastic and felt that Gaia was her sister in someways. Mary came from a rich background and had a very supportive family. She made Gaia feel less isolated and alone in New York. She was Gaia's best friend for a short while. Mary was eventually killed by Loki(Oliver Moore) after he decided that Mary was becoming too close to Gaia and making Gaia become too carefree and happy. Loki tried to make Gaia feel isolated and alone from everyone else, in order to make her susceptible to his eventual introduction to her life. Loki set up Mary's crime scene as if it was a drug assassination from her drug dealer Skizz. Loki shot Mary in front of Gaia, and Mary died in Gaia's arm, right before Loki and Gaia fought each other.

Ed Fargo: Gaia's first friend in New York. In the beginning of the book series he is paraplegic, although this later changes. He was romantically attracted to Gaia when he met her on the first day at school, because she was the only person who treated him like a normal person. After countless times of helping each other out, Gaia and Ed became very close friends. They have late Friday night phone conversations that become practically a ritual. Ed never realizes that Gaia is fearless, he just believes her to be very brave. From the very start of the books Ed realizes that he likes Gaia as something more than a friend. Later on in the book series, Gaia and Ed become romantically involved. However, this relationship comes to an end. After this, an odd tension is left between them. Ed's personality is usually very amiable and friendly. He is funny and has many jokes and one liners that he uses to the great amusement of Gaia often lifting Gaia out of her negative moods, yet unbeknownst to her, he primarily uses his comedy to hide his discomfort, fears, and insecurities. He often follows Gaia around on his wheel chair, and they usually banter with each other and talk about everything. One reason why Gaia doesn't initially leave Ed is because Ed found out that Gaia is an accomplished martial artist. At first she forces herself to talk and stay around him in order to make sure he doesn't talk to others about this, and later she becomes his friend and enjoys his cheerful company. Ed eventually undergoes a surgery and becomes able to walk again. He also dates Heather, who he used to date before his skateboarding accident, and eventually dates Gaia as well. By the end of the Series, Ed is disillusioned with Gaia and her unstable and dangerous lifestyle, and has found another girl who he considers his best friend and potential girlfriend, Kai.

Sam Moon: Sam Moon is Gaia's first romantic love interest in the book. From the instant Gaia saw Sam, she felt strongly attracted to him. Sam is older than Gaia, around 20 years old, at the beginning of the series. He goes to the New York University and is infatuated with Gaia; Gaia is also infatuated with him, although neither realize it. At first, they believe that the other hates them, so they have cold attitudes towards each other. Eventually, Sam breaks up with his girlfriend Heather and starts to seek ways to romance Gaia. Through a misunderstanding, he believes that Gaia hates him and in an act of drunken pity has an affair with Ella Niven, Gaia's foster mother. Eventually Sam ends up dating Gaia for a happy period of time. This period of time is cut short by Loki threatening Sam. After a strained relationship due to Loki's interference Gaia breaks up with Sam, and Sam is eventually caught in an ambush where he is shot at by Josh (his dormitory RA, who works for Loki), and presumably dies. A few books later, Gaia realizes that Sam is not dead, but was taken hostage and put in a prison camp. She saves him, but by that time, she and Ed are dating. Sam thinks he still can get back with Gaia, and is crushed by the reality of the truth. Gaia keeps Sam hidden in her house in order to protect him from Loki. He is discovered by Tatiana and she tells Ed about this. When Ed finds out about Sam and thinks Gaia has been lying to him about Sam's death, he is overwhelmed by jealously and insecurity. They have a big fight, and break up. Sam helps Gaia after her father is abducted from the hospital, but after this he stays out of Gaia's life for most of the book series. Sam ends up being Heather's date to prom. Sam is very intellectual and smart, he is also very well mannered and is very handsome. Sam used to be a big "dork" when he was younger but he decided to change, and began to buy expensive clothes and look after his appearance. Sam, tends to be somewhat of a coward and gets stressed out easily, this is probably due to his ability to over think things. He is usually depicted as very beautiful and has green or brown eyes and black or brown hair depending on the book. At the end of the book series Sam starts to date Heather again.

Heather Gannis: Heather is considered to be the most popular girl at the high school. In the beginning of the book series Heather takes pride that her friends envy her college boyfriend, Sam Moon. The first time Gaia meets Heather, she accidentally spills coffee all over her. This is the beginning of their rivalry and relationship. Throughout the series Heather tries to ruin Gaia's reputation and tries to make Gaia feel bad whenever she can. Heather has a group of friends that Gaia terms the "FOH" which is an acronym for "friends of Heather". The "FOH"'s follow Heather's lead and make Gaia feel miserable by taunting and making fun of Gaia. Heather is depicted as very shallow and stupid in the beginning of the book series. Heather and Ed used to date, but they broke up after Ed's accident caused him to be a paraplegic. One of the reasons that Heather always tries to humiliate Gaia is because of the fact that Gaia is not intimidated by her, and also, Gaia is considered by everyone (especially males) to be beautiful. Heather is actually very humble and amiable on the inside, which is why she dated and was drawn to someone as friendly and nice as Ed, but her fears of rejection and failure make her put on an act of toughness at school and act self-centered to boost her morale. Eventually Loki manipulates Heather's rivalry with Gaia and goads her into trying the fearless drug he created. This drug makes Heather fearless for a little while, but the side effects eventually kick in and she becomes blind in the long run. After this, she and Gaia become close friends, when Gaia saves her from an assassination attempt by Loki. After she becomes blind, Heather leaves for a large part to go to a special school for blind people. She is left out of the book series until the very end, when she returns fully recovered from blindness. Even though Heather starts out as a minor antagonist to Gaia, she eventually turns into a strong protagonist and good friend. Heather is a brunette is shorter than Gaia. She has similar facial features to Gaia. Strangely enough, throughout the series Heather secretly wishes she was as brave and independent as Gaia and Gaia secretly wishes she was popular and "normal" like Heather.

Jake Montone: Jake is Gaia's third romantic interest, after Sam and Ed. Jake, like Gaia, was well trained in martial arts. Jake is introduced in the second half of the major story arc as a new student at the high school who quickly becomes popular for his arrogant attitude and his impressive strength. Jake is very muscular and brave but he is not very intellectual. At first Gaia believes him to be an assassin, because he follows Gaia around and is extremely trained in martial arts. He eventually becomes Gaia's boyfriend despite being the complete opposite of Gaia's personality. Jake is very arrogant, egotistical and loud. He loves attention and drama. Jake is also very strong as he is a body builder. He is always optimistic and likes challenges, is very confident in his abilities and is extremely competitive. He has tan skin, jet black hair and green eyes. He is always trying to prove that he is manly and the best at everything. He gets Gaia to join the school karate team that he creates, after promising to buy her donuts. Gaia is irritated by Jake's arrogant attitude at first, even though she has romantic feeling for him. Jake eventually wins Gaia's heart over after helping her rescue her father in a rescue attempt from Siberia. He also saves Gaia's life by jumping in front of a bullet that was meant for Gaia (Tatiana's assassination attempt on Gaia). Gaia begins to see that Jake is brave and loyal, she sees he is very affectionate towards her. They begin to date in the last part of the series; unfortunately the strong bond that develops between Gaia and Jake is broken when Jake is accidentally shot and killed by Chris Rodke in the final book. Jake's death leaves Gaia traumatized for years to come and makes her feel nauseated at the sight or sound of a gun. He is also the main reason that Gaia decides to leave New York forever.

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