Fearless (novel Series) - Gaia's Tragic Childhood History

Gaia's Tragic Childhood History

Gaia's tragic past began as a result of a love triangle between Tom Moore (Gaia's father), Katia Moore (Gaia's mother) and Oliver Moore (Gaia's uncle) before Gaia was even born. This love triangle would later result in rivalry and violence between Tom and Oliver Moore; as the two siblings had fallen in love with Katia. Despite many attempts by Oliver Moore to enamor Katia, Katia chose to pursue her romantic interest in Tom Moore.

After being rejected by the woman he loved, Oliver became deeply embittered and started developing an obsessive psychosis. On the night of Tom Moore and Katia's wedding, Oliver deceived Katia by pretending to be Tom and became intimate with her; from this event, he would later believe Gaia to be his child. In reality, Oliver was always sterile from a life saving medical operation he had as a child (The operation is also the cause of his psychosis and corrupted mental state).

After betraying his brother, Oliver Moore fled from the hotel where the wedding took place, successfully evading the CIA, but was caught by Katia's father who turned out to be a feared Russian terrorist, Yuri. Oliver went missing for many years, he was assumed to be held in a Russian terrorist compound for the crime he committed against Katia.

Later in the series, it is found out that Oliver's psychosis developed fully, soon after being captured by Yuri, and he brutally took over Yuri's Russian organization. Oliver Moore became the new leader of the terrorist organization and adopted the moniker "Loki", the Norse God of the underworld.

During the next few years, Oliver became a menace to the world, becoming an infamous underground crime lord and terrorist. After Gaia was born in the Berkshires to Tom Moore and Katia Moore, Oliver covertly attempted to gain Gaia's affection as a child by secretly visiting her and teaching her deadly martial arts. Oliver tricked her by pretending to be her father. Oliver attempted to emotionally connect with her, but was unsuccessful due to his ruthless and strict personality.

This greatly confused Gaia as a little girl and she eventually rejected him. Oliver was eventually caught by Tom Moore and went into hiding for several years. During this time Tom Moore realized that something was not right with Gaia, due to her brave and reckless behaviors, such as attacking an angry dog, trying to swim in shark infested waters and fending off a violent burglar (which resulted in the burglar's death).

After having her tested and analyzed at the CIA headquarters Tom Moore was informed that Gaia was genetically "fearless", she cannot experience fear.

During the early years of Gaia's life she has a happy and carefree childhood with her parents and a gray field mouse named Jonathan that she keeps as a pet. Gaia turned out to be incredibly intelligent and gifted, with a genius level IQ and photographic memory.

Gaia was taught martial arts at a young age for many years, and various high level advanced subjects (such as advanced English literature, calculus, chemistry, foreign languages and philosophy) by her father and mother.

When Gaia was twelve years old, Oliver Moore arrived at the Berkshires and attempted to assassinate Tom, but instead accidentally killed Katia. After this tragic event, Tom realized that Oliver would never stop trying to get revenge on him. To keep the young Gaia from harm's way, he abandoned her without notice, hoping to protect her from Oliver's indiscriminate violence. He never explained his reasoning to Gaia (although Gaia eventually found out years later and forgave him), and as a result Gaia, as a child and throughout most of the series as a young adult, was given the impression that her father didn't care about her or her dead mother. This (and seeing her mother being murdered) left Gaia bitter and enraged at her father and made her emotionally withdrawn and antisocial.

In the next few years (up to the start of the book series) Gaia lived in several foster homes and frequently moved around the country from family to family. The foster families would treat Gaia terribly and were unsupportive of her.

These terrible childhood experiences haunted Gaia throughout the first half of the book series and left her bitter and anguished. The majority of Gaia's family history is learned in Special Edition 1, "Before Gaia" and is seen through flashbacks, and journals or postcards. Some of this information is also back story that is revealed as the book series progresses.

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