Excluded Middle

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Law Of Excluded Middle
... In logic, the law of excluded middle (or the principle of excluded middle) is the third of the three classic laws of thought ... is also known as the law (or principle) of the excluded third (or of the excluded middle), or, in Latin, principium tertii exclusi ...
Consequences of The Riemann Hypothesis - Excluded Middle - Growth of Euler's Totient
... Ribenboim remarks that The method of proof is interesting, in that the inequality is shown first under the assumption that the Riemann hypothesis is true, secondly under the contrary assumption.. ...
Brouwer–Hilbert Controversy - Deeper Philosophic Differences - The Law of Excluded Middle Extended To The Infinite
... thoughtless use of the logical principle of the excluded middle, as well as the recognition, first, of the fact that the investigation of the question why the principle mentioned is justified ... The identification of the principle of excluded middle with the principle of the solvability of every mathematical problem" (van Heijenoort, p ... Brouwer's SECOND INSIGHT, above) arose from Hilbert's extension of Aristotle's "Law of Excluded Middle" (and "double negation") – hitherto restricted to finite ...

Famous quotes containing the words middle and/or excluded:

    The worst and best are both inclined
    To snap like vixens at the truth.
    But, O, beware the middle mind
    That purrs and never shows a tooth!
    Elinor Wylie (1885–1928)

    Reasoning from the common course of nature, and without supposing any new interposition of the Supreme Cause, which ought always to be excluded from philosophy; what is incorruptible must also be ingenerable. The soul, therefore, if immortal, existed before our birth: And if the former existence noways concerned us, neither will the latter.
    David Hume (1711–1776)