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History Of The Aircraft Carrier - Important Innovations Just Before and During World War II - Escort Carriers and Merchant Aircraft Carriers
... the British developed what they called Merchant Aircraft Carriers, which were merchant ships equipped with a flat deck for six aircraft ... These served as a stop-gap measure until dedicated escort carriers (CVE) could be built in the U.S ... About a third of the size of a fleet carrier, they carried between 20 and 30 aircraft, mostly for anti-submarine duties ...
Operation Ke - Operation - Battle of Rennell Island
... These five task forces included two fleet carriers, two escort carriers, three battleships, 12 cruisers, and 25 destroyers Screening the approach of the transport convoy was Task Force 18 (TF 18), under ... Giffen, with three heavy and three light cruisers, two escort carriers, and eight destroyers ... A fleet carrier task force, centered on carrier USS Enterprise, steamed about 250 mi (220 nmi 400 km) behind TF 18 ...
Anti-submarine Warfare - History - World War II - Battle of The Atlantic
... Therefore, escorts could better protect a few large convoys than many small ones ... such as corvettes, frigates, and destroyer escorts ... Ships that could carry aircraft, such as the CAM ships, the merchant aircraft carrier, and eventually the purpose-built escort carriers ...
List Of Ships Sunk By The Imperial Japanese Navy - United States of America - Escort Carriers
... USS Bismarck Sea American escort carrier sunk on 21 February 1945 by kamikaze aircraft during the invasion of Iwo Jima ... USS Gambier Bay American escort carrier sunk on 25 October 1944 by naval gunfire in the Battle off Samar in Leyte Gulf ... USS Liscome Bay American escort carrier sunk on 24 November 1943 by the Japanese submarine I-175 of the island of Makin ...
List Of Escort Carriers Of The Royal Navy
... The escort aircraft carrier, also called a "jeep carrier" or "baby flattop" in the USN or "Woolworth Carrier" by the RN, was a small and slow type of aircraft carrier used by the Royal Navy in the Second World War ... typically half the length and one-third the displacement of the larger fleet carriers ... This was their principal advantage, as escort carriers could be completed in greater numbers as a stop-gap when fleet carriers were scarce ...

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