Escape Pod

An escape pod is a capsule or craft used to escape a vessel in an emergency, usually only big enough for one person. An escape ship is a larger, more complete craft also used for the same purpose. Escape pods are ubiquitous in science fiction, and infrequently used in real vehicles such as supersonic aircraft.

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Escape Pod (disambiguation)
... Escape Pod may refer to the following Escape pod - a capsule or craft used to escape in an emergency Escape Pod - an audio podcast fiction magazine ...
Escape Pod - Non-fiction
... Dynamics F-111 and B-1A Lancer all used enclosed escape crew capsules of some kind ... The single Soviet "Mike"-class submarine had an escape capsule, which was jettisoned upon its sinking in 1989 ... Some Soviet submarines like the Oscar class are rumoured to have escape capsules for the crew ...
Mur Lafferty - Podcasting - Escape Pod and Pseudopod
... Since May 2010, she has been the editor and host of the weekly podcast magazine Escape Pod, having taken over from former editor and founder Steve Eley ... Under her editorship, Escape Pod began paying SFWA pro rates for the first time ... co-founder, along with Steve Eley and co-editor Ben Phillips, of Pseudopod, a spin-off of Escape Pod presenting "the best in audio horror." In July 2007 ...
Bio Shock 2 - Plot
... Eleanor then escapes with it, rescues Delta, and together they head for an escape pod that Sinclair has arranged to leave Rapture ... Family, Eleanor and Delta make it to the escape pod but a final trap set by Lamb mortally wounds Delta and starts to send the entire building into the deep ocean rift ... Eleanor teleports out of the explosion to the rising escape craft, but Delta is trapped on the outside ...
Silversun - Episodes - Season 1
... They discover the only way to save Cyriax is to send him back to Earth on an escape pod ... Two people have to pilot the pod ... Sheng feels annoyed when he is not selected to pilot the escape pod, and stops communicating with Pancha for good 20 "One Way Ticket" July 9, 2004 (2004-07-09 ...

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