Entangled Photons

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Quantum Eraser Experiment - Introduction
... It establishes that when a photon is acted upon in a fashion that allows which slit it has passed through to be determined, the photon cannot interfere with itself ... When a stream of photons is marked in this way, then the interference fringes characteristic of the Young experiment will not be seen ... displays the capability to create situations in which a photon that has been 'marked' to expose through which slit it has passed can later be 'unmarked' ...
Anton Zeilinger - Work - Quantum Entanglement
... professor at the University of Innsbruck, Zeilinger started experiments on entangled photons, as the low phase space density of neutrons produced by reactors ... Along the road, Zeilinger developed many novel tools for entangled photon physics, for example a bright source for polarization-entangled photons, ways to identify Bell states and ... of first quantum information experiments with entangled photons ...
Photon Entanglement - Applications
... the size of a microchip is restricted by the wavelength of the photon carving the chip, being able to carve at one-half of the wavelength in accordance with the Rayleigh ... However, entangled photons can be separated and then rejoined together, and since they have exactly the same position the constructive interference doubles the energy so that it can carve as low as 1/4 of the original ... Entangling more than one photon can lead to even greater energies, hitting 1/6 and theoretically even 1/8 the original wavelength ...

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