Dura may refer to:

  • Dura, Hebron, a Palestinian town in the southern West Bank located eleven kilometers southwest of Hebron in the Hebron Governorate
  • Dura language, a critically endangered language of Nepal
  • Dura Automotive Systems, an American automotive company headquartered in Rochester Hills, Michigan and specializing in automobile components
  • Dura Convertible Systems, an American automotive company headquartered in Adrian, Michigan and specializing in convertible tops
  • Dura-Europos, an ancient city located in modern-day Syria, founded in 303 BCE and abandoned in 256–7 CE
  • Dura mater, the outermost of the three layers of the meninges surrounding the brain and spinal cord
  • Dora, Baghdad, alternately transliterated "al-Dura", a neighborhood in the Rasheed administrative district in Southern Baghdad, Iraq
  • Cișmigiu Gardens, originally named "Lake of Dura the merchant", a public park near the center of Bucharest, Romania that surrounds an artificial lake
  • A Palestinian boy who was reported as shot and killed in September 2000 in the Muhammad al-Durrah incident

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Dura Automotive Systems
... Dura Automotive Systems, headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA was ranked in the 2006 Fortune 1000 ... Dura filled for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on October 30, 2006 ... Final determination to delist Dura's common stock and convertible trust preferred securities from NASDAQ was made November 13, 2006 ...
Lamina Dura
... Lamina dura is bundle bone that lies adjacent to the periodontal ligament, lining the tooth socket ... The lamina dura surrounds the tooth socket and provides the attachment surface with which the Sharpey's fibers of the periodontal ligament perforate ... On an x-ray a lamina dura will appear as a radiopaque line surrounding the tooth root ...
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... Dura Den is a small, 3 km-long wooded picturesque gorge that is located near Cupar in northeastern Fife, Scotland ... Burn was used to power jute spinning mills The Dura Den Wood is being managed by the Woodland Trust, and occupies an area of 4.25 acres (17,200 m2) ...