Columbia Non-neutral Torus - Technical Design

Technical Design

CNT, which is housed in a cylindrical vacuum chamber made of 316 stainless steel, measures 60 inches in diameter and stands 75 inches tall. The empty chamber is capable of reaching a pressure of 2x10-10 Torr.

CNT is unique in its simple geometry. Magnetic surfaces are created using only 4 electromagnetic coils - two interlocking coils inside the chamber, and two poloidal field coils outside the chamber. The two interlocking coils have a radius of .405m, and the angle between them can be manually selected to be 64°, 78°, or 88°, allowing for different shear and rotational transform values, and magnetic surface configuration. The poloidal field coils have a radius of 1.08m. The coils are powered by a 200 kW power supply and are capable of producing magnetic fields of 0.01-0.2T. The configuration of CNT creates a very low aspect ratio of 1.9, the lowest of any stellarator built.

Parameter Value
ne 1012-1014 m−3
Te 1-100 eV
B 0.01-0.2T
R 0.3m
a 0.1m
P 10−10 Torr

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