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Adult Stem Cell - Properties - Defining Properties
... A stem cell possesses two properties Self-renewal, which is the ability to go through numerous cycles of cell division while still maintaining its undifferentiated state ... potential, which is the ability to generate progeny of several distinct cell types, (for example glial cells and neurons) as opposed to unipotency, which is ... not consider multipotency to be essential, and believe that unipotent self-renewing stem cells can exist ...
Somatic Evolution In Cancer - Clonal Evolution and Cancer Stem Cells - Cancer Stem Cells
... The first malignant cell, that gives rise to the tumor, is often labeled a cancer stem cell ... The cancer stem-cell hypothesis relies on the fact that a lot of tumors are heterogeneous – the cells in the tumor vary by phenotype and functions ... Current research shows that in many cancers there is apparent hierarchy among cells ...
Salinomycin - Cancer Research - Pre-clinical
... of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Broad Institute to kill breast cancer stem cells in mice at least 100 times more effectively than ... including salinomycin and etoposide, targeted cancer stem cells responsible for metastasis and relapse ... The mechanism of action by which salinomycin kills cancer stem cells specifically remains unknown, but is thought to be due to its action as a potassium ...

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