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BioMed Central (BMC) is a United Kingdom-based, for-profit scientific publisher specialising in open access journal publication. BioMed Central and its sister companies Chemistry Central and PhysMath Central publish over 200 scientific journals. Most BioMed Central journals are now published only online. BioMed Central describes itself as the first and largest open access science publisher. It is owned by Springer Science+Business Media. The Managing Director is Matthew Cockerill.

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Open Access Publishing - History
... Harold Varmus of the NIH proposed a journal called E-biomed, intended as an open access electronic publishing platform combining a preprint server with peer-reviewed articles ... E-biomed later saw light in a revised form as PubMed Central, a postprint archive ... In 2000, BioMed Central, a for-profit open access publisher, was launched by the then Current Science Group (the founder of the Current Opinion series, and now known as the ...
BioMed Central - Products
... BioMed Central owns and produces in-house six flagship journals Journal of Biology, Genome Biology, Genome Medicine, Arthritis Research and Therapy, Breast Cancer Research, and Critical ... Chemistry Central Journal and the PhysMath series of journals are also produced by the company ... Most of the other journals published by BioMed Central are owned and produced independently by societies and academic editorial boards, with BioMed Central providing the hosting, publishing platform and ...
Journal Of Biology
... Biology (JBiol) was a scientific journal published by BioMed Central ... years of publishing, and around one year after BioMed Central was taken over by Springer Journals, Journal of Biology was discontinued in April 2010 by being amalgamated with the existing Biomed Central journal ...

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