AVL may refer to:

  • Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua (Valencian academy of the language)
  • Approved Vendor List
  • The United Nations Audiovisual Library of International Law
  • Aroostook Valley Railroad
  • Asheville Regional Airport in North Carolina, IATA airport code
  • Audio Visual Labs, once the leading supplier and innovator of computerized multimedia controllers
  • Automatic Volume Limiter, limits the volume of a device such as an MP3 or CD player
  • Automatic vehicle location
  • AVL (Engineering Firm), Austrian-based automotive engineering consulting firm and research institute Anstalt für Verbrennungskraftmaschinen List
  • AVL tree, a data structure used in computer programming
  • American Vampire League, a political organization advocating for Vampire rights in the HBO show True Blood.

aVL may refer to:

  • Lead augmented vector left (aVL), a voltage difference in electrocardiography

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Hans List
... addicted to titles, due to habits trained during its imperial past), abbreviated to AVL ... In 1969, AVL developed a test bed which allowed for comprehensive data acquisition and analysis ... Throughout the 1970s, AVL's diesel engine performance and data acquisition capabilities continued to improve, while its PUMA test bed software began to give the company an international ...
AVL (engineering Company) - Electric Vehicles
... The shift to electrified vehicles has prompted AVL Powertrain Engineering Inc ... AVL is introducing a new energy management and systems integration facility, the AVL California Technology Center (CTC), to support the market's advanced technology initiatives ...
AVL Tree
... In computer science, an AVL tree is a self-balancing binary search tree, and it was the first such data structure to be invented ... In an AVL tree, the heights of the two child subtrees of any node differ by at most one if at any time they differ by more than one, rebalancing is done to restore this property ... The AVL tree is named after its two Soviet inventors, G ...
Avløs (station)
... Connections Avløs is a station on the Kolsås Line (line 6) on the Oslo T-bane system ... Along with most of the line, Avløs has been closed for upgrades since 1 July 2006 and its service is temporarily provided by bus ... Avløs will among other things, receive longer platforms which can accommodate trains with up to six cars like most of the subway system ...